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As you’d expect from a company devoted to sustainability and recycling, Countrystyle Recycling is fully committed to reducing its carbon footprint. We’re therefore delighted to introduce a couple of climate-friendly new joiners: two SOLMEC 5020ZE Zero Emission Material Handlers.

Supplied by E H Hassell & Sons Ltd, our SOLMEC 5020ZEs are excellent, sustainable additions to our waste management and recycling operations. They tick all the boxes in terms of Countrystyle’s determination to drive innovation and to reduce the impact of the company’s activities on the environment. We’re very happy with them, and here’s why:  

  • They’re powered by rechargeable batteries which guarantee 8 hours of continuous operation at full power. They last around 10 hours between charging under normal operational conditions.
  • Interchangeable, easy-to-install battery packs are available and ensure that the SOLMEC 5020ZEs are available for use continuously.  
  • The machines benefit from a Kinetic Energy Recovery System, a technology that tops up that battery charge when they’re in use.
  • The SOLMEC 5020ZE’s boom cylinders are also equipped with an energy recovery system.
  • There are no trailing wires or cables, which allows for free movement and accessibility.
  • A large, hydraulically raised cab, air conditioning, an air-cushioned seat, and LED headlights to ensure operator comfort, safety, and efficiency.  
  • The zero-emission SOLMEC 5020ZE is the perfect solution for handling material in enclosed working environments.
  • E H Hassell & Sons Ltd’s delivery of the machines included extensive operator training.

With the government set to end the benefits of red diesel and businesses having to look even closer at the environmental cost of ownership when purchasing new equipment, we have no hesitation in recommending the switch from diesel to zero-emission electric vehicles and machinery.