Offering Total Waste Management Solutions and Increasing Recycling

As a leading independent waste management and recycling company, we are perfectly situated to offer expert guidance on cost-effective waste management solutions in Kent for businesses and local authorities.

Countrystyle prides itself on employing friendly, experienced staff who are on hand to provide tailored services to meet individual business needs.

Equipped with an extensive range of specialist containers, vehicles and permitted treatment infrastructure, Countrystyle can handle almost all forms of waste leaving clients free to concentrate on core business activities.


Countrystyle offers a closed loop service for businesses, including:

  • Waste audits to establish waste streams and potential cost savings
  • Provide recommendations for improving waste segregation and how to maximise recyclability
  • Offer the most suited containers and specialist equipment eg: compactors and balers
  • Provide reliable and timely waste collections to agreed service levels

For local authorities and other public agencies Countrystyle can provide:

  • Dedicated Contract Management of Household Waste Recycling Centres, Reuse & Recycling Centres & Waste Transfer Stations
  • Flexible and timely logistics solutions ensuring materials keep moving including during peak seasonal demand
  • Identification and supply of most suitable containers to meet demands
  • Provision of appropriate mobile plant
  • Sharing best practice to better inform all stakeholders and drive continuous improvement
  • Maximising reuse opportunities via dedicated on-site sub-contractor
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