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Plasterboard Recycling

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Countrystyle offers responsible, professional, and sustainable closed looped plasterboard recycling across the UK.

Companies that produce gypsum waste have a legal duty of care to ensure it is transferred and processed according to law. If your business generates plasterboard waste, we can help your organisation stay compliant and save money on plasterboard disposal costs.

  • PAS 109: 2013 compliant
  • Repurposes 100% of received plasterboard waste
  • Closed loop solution
  • Cost-effective


Tonnes of plasterboard processed per annum.


Received plasterboard waste is repurposed.

How is plasterboard processed?

What are the benefits of recycling plasterboard?

Plasterboard, also known as drywall, is made primarily of gypsum which is a naturally occurring quarried material composed of calcium sulphate dihydrate and is commonly found in sedimentary rock. Recycling of gypsum helps to conserve natural resources and protect ecological systems by reducing the need for gypsum mining.

If you require help with plasterboard disposal or need expert advice, contact our sales team for a free waste audit or site visit.

Why can't plasterboard go to landfill?

According to UK law, gypsum-based waste cannot be sent to landfill cells that accept biodegradable waste. This is because anaerobic fermentation can cause the material to release harmful hydrogen sulphide gas into the atmosphere. It is also a non-biodegradable substance, meaning it can use up valuable landfill space. 

Instead, it must be separated for re-use or recovery. As a last resort, it may be sent to specialist landfill sites that have separate cells for non-biodegradable waste. Disposing of plasterboard in specialist landfills can be costly. It makes much better financial and environmental sense to send it for recycling. 

At Countrystyle, our dedicated facility recycles 100% of gypsum- based waste material, diverting this valuable waste from authorised landfill sites. When you partner with us, we ensure your waste is recycled, fully documented, and can save your business money.

Our plasterboard recycling facility

Countrystyle Recycling has the largest, most advanced, dedicated Plasterboard Processing Facility in the UK and Europe.

Using the latest technology, our purpose built facility repurposes 100% of received gypsum-based waste. It has the capacity to produce 120,000 tonnes of recycled gypsum each year that meets PAS 109: 2013 standards.

Frequently Asked Questions

Read our FAQ for more information about plasterboard disposal or contact us for expert advice.

Can I put plasterboard in a skip?

Plasterboard may only be placed into a dedicated single waste stream recycling skip. It must be separated from other general, commercial or industrial waste. This is because it is illegal to dispose of plasterboard and gypsum based material in landfills that accept general waste.

Why is plasterboard hazardous waste?

In its normal state, plasterboard is not classified as hazardous waste or deemed a threat to human health. However, this material can become problematic when disposed of in general waste landfills. When gypsum-based materials come into contact with moisture and decomposing organic matter, a chemical reaction occurs. Hydrogen sulphide gas is released into the environment which can cause unpleasant odours and harm people, animals, and the environment.

Can I take plasterboard to the tip?

Some council-run recycling centres may accept small amounts of gypsum based waste. It’s best to check with your local authority first. For businesses that produce a lot of plasterboard waste, it is much more cost-effective to hire an authorised waste carrier, like us, to handle your waste disposal.

"This partnership is a textbook example of how collaboration can bring about positive change, reducing waste and, over time, phasing out the reliance on virgin material."



Manufacturing plasterboard at Sittingbourne, Kent since 1988.

Get a quote for plasterboard disposal

Let our experienced team help your business manage gypsum-based waste. Our plasterboard disposal and recycling services are affordable, flexible and tailored around your businesses needs. Contact us to arrange a free quote.

Members of Gypsum Re-Processors UK & Ireland (GRAUKI)

Members of Gypsum Re-Processors UK & Ireland (GRAUKI)

Members of Gypsum Re-Processors UK & Ireland (GRAUKI)

Members of Gypsum Re-Processors UK & Ireland (GRAUKI)

Members of Gypsum Re-Processors UK & Ireland (GRAUKI)