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Dry Mixed Recycling

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Our dry mixed recycling collection and processing services can help your business reach its own recycling goals.

We have invested in leading technologies and infrastructure to develop one of the largest mixed recycling facilities (MRF) across Kent and the Southeast.

Our commercial recycling contracts are both affordable and flexible, and we tailor our services to meet the needs of your business. Get in touch to arrange a free quote and find out how we can boost your business’s green credentials.


Tonnes of co-mingled dry mixed recyclables per year.


of all commercial waste is dry mixed recyclables.

What can go in dry mixed recycling bins?

Dry mixed recycling bins can be used for single waste streams (such as tin, paper, plastic), or as co-mingled DMR bins. The types of waste that we accept in our bins include:

  • Cardboard
  • Office Paper
  • Envelopes
  • Magazines and Journals
  • Junk Mail
  • Clean Food and Drink Cans (steel and aluminium)
  • Plastic Bottles
  • Shredded Paper
  • Clear Plastic Film (LDPE)

All recyclable waste should be loose or placed into clear bin bags. Do not place DMRs into black bin bags used for general waste. View our DMR Waste Specification sheet for further advice on what can and cannot be placed in your DMR waste bin.

How can your business benefit from recycling DMRs?

Active recycling through dedicated bin collections will help your business adhere to its environmental responsibilities.

Businesses have a legal duty of care to manage waste in line with the Environmental Protection Act 1990. The act outlines the responsibility of businesses to ensure the separate collection of dry recyclable materials, along with authorised disposal.

At Countrystyle, we offer a professional service and expert advice to help you manage your trade waste and maintain compliance. Our services are comprehensive and include recycling performance reporting with a full audit trail.

The recycling of reusable materials is vitally important for the environment. It helps to reduce the amount of waste going to landfills and reduces greenhouse gas emissions. The process provides raw material substitutes for manufacturing, helping to save on natural resources. It is also cheaper to dispose of DMRs and reduces the waste disposal costs to your business.

How we process DMR waste.

Materials are collected on our fleet of waste vehicles then delivered to our DMR Materials Recycling Facility in Ridham, Kent.

We receive materials as either segregated single waste streams such as paper and plastic bottles, or as co-mingled Dry Mixed Recyclables. Here, all recyclable waste is mechanically and positively picked into recyclable streams and packed ready for further processing.

Our material recycling facility

Countrystyle has developed one of Kent and the South East’s largest processing facilities.

The evolution of the main Ridham Dock site has enabled us to receive and process our customer’s recyclables collected on our fleet vehicles including Dustcarts, Roll-On Rolls-Off bins and Artics.

As the leading independent waste management company in Kent, London and the South East, our service covers many sectors. We hold many contracts including the collection of DMR material from Kent Schools and Public Properties. Our company is also a UK end recycler for paper/card, glass, plastic and metal.

Dry Mixed Recycling Bins

We offer a range of commercial Dry Mixed Recycling bins to suit your business needs. Our bins include Wheelie Bins, Rear End Loaders, and Roll-On Roll-Off Bins. We also provide portable static and mobile compactors in a variety of sizes as well as on-site balers which helps businesses manage waste more efficiently. Whether you’re a small business or an industrial manufacturer, we offer flexible collections to manage your recyclable waste.

Commercial Dry Mixed Recyclables (DMR) Bins

Wheelie Bins

Our Wheelie Bins are available in 2 or 4 wheeled options. They come in four sizes including 240, 360, 660 and 1,100 litres. We offer options with lockable lids for enhanced safety and protection.

Rear End Loaders (RELs)

Rear End Loaders are ideal for businesses that generate a significant amount of trade recyclable waste. They come in 6, 8 and 12 cubic yard options with lockable lids for added peace of mind.

RoRo's for DMR Waste

Roll-On Roll-Off Bins (RoRo’s)

Roll-On Roll-Off bins are best suited for large commercial or industrial operations that produce high volumes of Dry Mixed Recycling waste. Sizes include 15, 20, 25, 30, 35, and 40 cubic yard bins. Our RoRo’s have lockable rear doors and are available as compaction and non-compaction bins. Choose from open top or fully enclosed to suit your requirements.

Countrystyle manages the Dry Mixed Recycling, Confidential, Food and General Waste for over 500 Schools and Universities and fully understands the needs and demands of the education sector.

With a particular focus on increasing source segregated recycling, Countrystyle works with its education partners by providing collateral including informative posters, internal hexagonal bins and supporting graphics, to reduce contamination rates.

Kent Schools and Universities

Countrystyle is the leading supplier of collection & recycling services to Schools and Universities across Kent, either directly or via a facility management company such as MCG Education.

Get a quote for dry mixed recyclable collections

Contact the helpful sales team here at Countrystyle Recycling for more information on our cost-effective Dry Mixed Recycling (DMR) bins and collection service contracts.

We operate throughout Kent, London and the South East.