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Commercial Glass Waste

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If your business produces glass waste, talk to us about our glass recycling and collection service.

We provide affordable and reliable solutions across Kent, London, Cambridgeshire, and the South East. We can save your business money by maximising recycling rates and minimising landfill costs. Contact us to arrange a free waste audit and no-obligation quotation.

What types of commercial glass waste do we collect?

  • Bottles (clear, green, blue, brown, coloured)
  • Jars & glassware
  • Glass containers (cosmetics bottles and glass packaging)
  • Window glass

What happens to your glass recycling?

Benefits of Recycling Glass

Conserves Natural Resources: Recycling glass reduces depletion of natural resources such as sand (silicon dioxide), lime (calcium oxide), and soda ash (sodium carbonate).

Diverts Waste from Landfill: Recycling reduces the amount of glass waste sent to landfill.

Compliance with Waste Regulations: Businesses that separate glass for recycling ensure they remain compliant with waste regulations and legislation.

Saves Energy and Reduces Greenhouse Gases: Manufacturing glass from recycled cullet uses less energy and produces fewer greenhouse gases compared to making glass from raw materials.

Saves Money: Recycling collections cost less and can significantly reduce waste disposal costs.

Boosts Green Credentials: Enhance your company’s reputation by demonstrating its commitment to the environment.

Glass Recycling Bins

Businesses are required to separate glass from other waste types to increase recycling rates. We offer a range of glass recycling bins to ensure your business fulfils its obligations under the Waste Framework Directive.

Whether you have a large multi-site business or small organisation, we offer glass recycling bins for enterprises of all sizes. Choose from 2 or 4 wheeled Wheelie Bins in a range of sizes to meet your needs.

Our bins are suitable for both internal and external use. We also offer locking bins for added security and peace of mind.

Glass Bottle Banks

Countrystyle operates approximately 2000 glass banks across East Anglia and continues to support local councils, authorities and businesses with our glass call in and scheduled collection services.

Our vehicles collect, on average, around 1000 tonnes of glass per month from the banks and this glass is recycled within the UK.

Countrystyle’s dedicated glass collection service operates exclusively in East Anglia.

Call our team today on 0344 880 7700 and find out how we can help your business efficiently recycle its glass waste with our selection of glass bottle banks.

Flexible Commercial Glass Collections

We understand that every business is different, and that’s why we offer flexible glass collections that work for you. Choose from weekly, fortnightly, monthly or bespoke collection plans to ensure you only pay for what you need.

Our specialists can provide a free waste audit to help us understand your waste management needs. Using this information we will tailor a plan to ensure you get the right number of bins and collection frequency.

We aim to drive down waste disposal costs and increase efficiency.

Get a Quote for Commercial Glass Collection

To find out how our glass collection service can save your business money, contact our expert team.