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It’s been a busy start to 2022 with both Countrystyle and sister company Envar announcing a significant new partnership with Holkham Hall Estate in Norfolk. With a shared goal to deliver on Holkham’s commitment to reduce non-recycled waste by 10% every year for the next ten years.

To successfully achieve a closed-loop solution for Holkham Hall, Countrystyle Recycling will collect the compostable packaging and food waste using one of Countrystyle’s dedicated food waste trucks or dual pod vehicles, specially designed to reduce the carbon footprint of collections. The waste will be taken to Envar’s flagship in-vessel composting site at St Ives, Cambridgeshire. Here their composting process will turn the waste into a soil conditioner for the agricultural, viticultural and horticultural markets where it will be used to help grow more food. Both Countrystyle Recycling and Envar are part of the family-owned Heathcote Holdings Group of resource management companies.

This important new relationship is a ground-breaking moment for Norfolk, where currently most of its compostables go to incineration or landfill due to the lack of state service provision for businesses. Holkham is proud to be driving this force for change in the hope that it inspires other attractions and businesses to join the movement and work with Countrystyle Recycling and Envar.

“Compostable packaging and food waste must be collected and processed in a particular way to ensure maximum environmental benefit. Countrystyle Recycling has invested in a fleet of dedicated food waste and dual pod vehicles for the collection of food was packaging. These specially designed vehicles also reduce the carbon footprint of collections. The waste is then taken to our sister company Envar’s in-vessel composting operation at St Ives Cambridge where it is processed into compost. This collaboration ensures our commitment to sustainability, the environment and ties into our Group’s ethos of closing the loop and creating a viable circular economy. We are proud to be able to offer this dedicated service to support the Holkham initiative and enable the composting of this compostable waste.”

Chris Howard, Group Commercial & Technical Director at Countrystyle Recycling

“As more businesses use compostable packaging, we hope to see a reduction in the use of single-use plastics and help to improve the health of our planet. We are pleased to be able to provide a recycling solution for Holkham; Envar is in a unique position to process compostable packaging through our innovative in-vessel composting system. The compost we produce can be used to nourish the soil with a slow release of vital nutrients needed for healthy growth.”

Andy Sibley, Managing Director of Envar Composting Ltd

“As part of Heathcote Holdings, Countrystyle Recycling and Envar are passionate about sustainable recycling. We are delighted to be working with Holkham, providing a solution for the recycling of their compostable packaging. The two companies operate in harmonious synergy, providing a complete, closed-loop alternative for food waste and compostable packaging, driving the circular economy for businesses.”

Trevor Heathcote, Chairman of Heathcote Holdings

Holkham’s vision is to be the UK’s most pioneering and sustainable rural estate. This significant next step to further reduce waste forms part of an estate wide sustainability and conservation plan called WONDER. Focussing on three core objectives, WONDER commits Holkham to pioneer environmental gain, champion low carbon living and stamp out waste in order to protect, enhance and revitalise Holkham for the benefit of future generations.

“The impact of Covid 19 has meant that many of our visitors are continuing to eat and drink outside using compostable cups and cutlery, so we’re really excited to be working with Countrystyle Recycling and Envar to be able to bring this waste solution to Norfolk. I’m particularly excited to work with our partner food concessions and that other local businesses and tourist attractions are able to join the mission. It’s only through collaboration that we’ll be able to make a difference towards our sustainability goals at the scale and speed at which we need to do so. To be able to generate compost from our waste which can then be applied to local farms as a natural soil improver (thus reducing the need for artificial chemical applications and providing a medium for food to be grown in) is a dream – one person’s trash really is another’s a treasure!”

Sue Penlington, Holkham’s Sustainability Manager

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