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Waste Compactors & Balers

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Countrystyle is a leading independent provider of waste compactor and baler services across Kent, London and the South East.

Our robust technology can improve your recycling capabilities, boost environmental credentials and above all, save you money. We also have the advantage of processing most waste types at our own recycling and material recovery facility in Ridham, Kent. We can help you generate an income from your waste. Call us to find out how.


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Countrystyle Recycling offers waste compactors and balers to reduce waste volume and the number of collections.

Benefits of Using a Compactor Service

Our waste compactor service is ideal for customers that generate a large amount of compactable dry waste. Benefits include:

The Different Types of Waste Compactors

We offer a range of compactors to suit the needs of your business including static and portable.

Static Compactors:

A static compactor is a stationary machine that offers multiple feed options including hand fed, bin fed, chute fed or via an extraction system. The compactor handles segregated paper, cardboard, plastics, packaging and general waste for crushing and compacting. The waste is then deposited into a waste container, such as a Roll-On-Roll-Off bin. Once the container is full we will remove it and replace it with a new container.

Mobile Compactors:

Mobile waste compactors consist of a compaction machine that is integrated into a waste container as a single unit. Waste is fed into the compaction mechanism, pressed, then deposited into the waste storage section. When the portable compactor is full, we will collect it and replace.

These units are fully sealed and leak proof, making them suitable for general waste and food waste. Mobile compactors are an ideal waste management solution for many sectors including shopping centres, hospitals, food production, manufacturing sites, and large venues. Once full, our team will remove the entire container and replace.

What is a Waste Compactor?

Waste compactors are machines that compact waste with compression

The compression action creates smaller density of the volume of the waste making it easier to recycle and reduces the waste collections.  This process is ideal for either general or segregated recyclable waste streams. As a result, your bin will last longer, and collection frequency and transport costs will be reduced.

Waste Types For Waste Compactors

What Material Can You Put into a Waste Compactor?

  • Recyclables
  • Paper
  • Cardboard
  • Plastics
  • Packaging
  • General waste
  • Metal cans

What Waste Types Are
Not Allowed?

  • Hazardous waste
  • Liquid Waste
  • Construction rigid waste
  • Electrical waste

Waste Balers

Waste balers are a valuable recycling solution for businesses that generate large volumes of recyclable waste, such as manufacturers and industrial units.

Recyclable material is loaded into the baler then compresses into easy to manage bales.

Recycling balers have a relatively small footprint and can save the need for large on-site waste containers like RoRos. Compacted bales of recyclable material can then be sent onto specialist recyclers for reuse.

Benefits of Waste Balers

If your business produces large quantities of recyclable waste, cardboard, paper, plastics, metal cans, or packaging waste, a baler is one of the most efficient and cost-effective ways to manage your commercial waste, with the possibility of the waste having a commercial value .

Not only this, but it can help your business generate an income from recycling. A baler can also save your organisation valuable storage space, and improve health and safety house keeping.

We offer a variety of balers to suit your business of volume of waste.  The most popular baler within our range is our Mill size baler which will generate maximum financial returns as the waste can be directly shipped for recycling.

Get a Free Quote for Waste Balers & Compactors

Contact us for further information on our waste baler and compactor service. Whatever your business, our waste management services can help reduce costs and turn your waste into a new revenue stream.