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Countrystyle’s Ridham facility manufactures quality combustible Refuse Derived Fuel (RDF) for use in the renewable energy sector.

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Our RDF comprises of residual waste material which has been pre-treated to remove clean recyclables. We can supply and deliver compact, baled and encapsulated RDF direct to you.

What is RDF?

Refuse Derived Fuel (RDF) is a fuel produced by sorting and processing solid general waste. Countrystyle has invested heavily in bespoke machinery and systems that involves shredding the solid wastes (from which non-combustible materials (glass, metals) have been removed or segregated) then forming it into bales which are wrapped to meet the stringent regulatory requirements for transport and disposal at Waste Incineration Directive compliant RDF Facilities in Europe. These facilities are also Combined Heat & Power plants that utilise heat generate from RDF for use in district heat schemes, which enhances the carbon footprint impact of the RDF export route.

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Why is RDF in demand?

Turning waste into RDF not only produces a valuable fuel, it also reduces the need for landfill space. The cost of sending waste material to landfill is escalating. Environmental pressures are now in favour of recycling and reuse, with landfill the very last resort. In addition, the world’s thirst for energy is unquenchable with more and more energy being required. It is predicted that the demand for energy in the future will not be met unless more energy producing plants are created. RDF is a part of the solution that is beginning to address these problems – diminishing landfill reliance and addressing shortages in energy.

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