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Welcome to the final instalment of the #GoGreen2018 campaign, Countrystyle’s easy step by step guide to making small changes to improve your green credentials. 

Lastly, Stage 6: Introduce a Recycling Bin

It may seem like an obvious choice, but surprisingly, recycling bins are still not being utilised as widely as they should be, and workplaces are the key drivers to a sustainable waste management. The amount of recyclable waste that the average workplace generates is considerable, and all of it can potentially end up in a landfill without being properly disposed of with a dedicated waste management company.

Opened envelopes, junk mail, empty soup cans and soda bottles are a few examples of the recyclables that get thrown away every day in the workplace, and by rerouting these to more environmentally friendly disposal, you take big steps towards reducing your workplace’s carbon footprint. Segregating on site increases rebate possibilities for your business and choosing the right company to remove it can boost your CSR and green credentials.

Minimising waste and becoming more environmentally friendly don’t need to be drastic or time-consuming, especially when these small changes highlighted throughout the #GoGreen2018 campaign can have a significant impact. Without affecting the workplace drastically, your business can provide a more efficient working environment.


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