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Dedicated to helping Kent based businesses reduce their impact on the local environment, Countrystyle has an easy step by step guide to making small changes to improve green credentials for businesses in Kent.

For this edition, Stage 5: Check your Supply Chain

Quite often, companies aren’t as selective when arranging their supply chain and tend to select suppliers based on value and convenience. If the supply chain isn’t re-examined for better deals, you could potentially miss out on more environmentally friendly arrangements with suppliers and service providers such as Countrystyle.

If a particular material is being sourced from China because manufacturing is cheap, is there anywhere closer to home that the same material could be found, saving money and energy on transport costs? Could you replace some resources with environmentally-friendly alternatives?

Not just suppliers, look at other service providers for your company. Waste management is a prime example. Countrystyle operates with a strong landfill avoidance ethos, with technologies and suppliers constantly being evaluated to ensure that any waste collected is processed for recycling or used effectively at Energy from Waste facilities.

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