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As part of the #GoGreen2018 campaign, we’ve got an easy step by step guide to making small changes to improve your green credentials. There are many ways to conduct environmentally sustainable business which directly benefit managers and employees. Countrystyle is committed to helping Kent based businesses reduce their impact on the local environment.

Stage 2: Power

Leave bad habits at home

With more homes and businesses becoming energy conscious, embrace a new frame of mind in the workplace and reduce wasted electricity and heating.

Switch off

With particular reference to computers, establish a new routine in the workplace and ensure that all devices are switched off (not to standby) at the end of the working day. A single computer left on overnight wastes enough energy to laser print 500 pages!

Daylight savings

Power can also be saved during the day by reducing the monitor brightness to as low as is practical and placing devices on battery save mode can reduce the amount is it recharged from the mains supply.


Having an independent power audit carried out is a wise move, as contractors can give an in-depth report of your workplace’s power usage and the most effective ways to reduce it further. See how Countrystyle can help your business by contacting


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