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Countrystyle is excited to announce that it has recently signed up as an Associate member of Trade association Produced in Kent. Dedicated to supporting & promoting food, drink, products and services in Kent, Produced in Kent provide vital support to a diverse range of businesses which in turn provide valuable employment opportunities in Kent and are at the economic heart of communities.

Commenting on behalf of Produced in Kent, Manager Stephanie Durlin commented: “We believe that working with Countrystyle Recycling members can achieve even better results for their businesses. From higher rates of recycling to more efficient processing of waste products. We are looking forward to working in partnership with the Countrystyle team”.

Countrystyle’s Sales Director, Jamie Houston followed “There is a great synergy between Produced in Kent and Countrystyle. Joining as an Associate Member and being connected to other local businesses makes sense strategically and environmentally. Kent is at the heart of what we do and we are strongly committed to recycling and landfill avoidance. Our teams are dedicated to helping local businesses work towards greener business acumen – regardless of size and waste stream. We offer the personal service, with tailored waste management plans and logistic capabilities to ensure we offer a competitive stance as the local solution for businesses”.

Waste management and recycling is a topic that affects everyone. From increasing recycling at home to businesses managing waste and by-products from production lines. Finding the right solution for each business can be a challenge, especially when they often have unique requirements.

See Produced in Kent’s official release here