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As part of our drive to improve the quality of our processed waste wood product, to meet the demands of our long-term off-take customers, Countrystyle has invested in its wood recycling line by the addition of an Eddy Current Separator, secondary magnet and integrated picking station.

The Eddy Current Separator will now allow Countrystyle to separate non-ferrous metals during the wood recycling process, the secondary magnet allows additional ferrous metal extraction and the picking-line further enhances the quality of our end product.

The Eddy Current Separator works by using a magnetic rotor with alternating polarity, spinning rapidly inside a non-metallic drum working over a conveyor belt. The alternating magnetic field creates eddy currents in the non-ferrous metal particles repelling the material away from the conveyor. While other materials drop off on to the conveyor, the non-ferrous metals are propelled over a splitter as a separate fraction.

New Eddy Current equipment sees improved recycling of wood material, Wood Recycling