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Countrystyle has secured contracts with three major South East-based print companies to provide recycling services that aim to improve the sustainability of the printing operations of each of these companies.

Paper Recycling service

Headley Brothers (Ashford), Pureprint Group (Uckfield) and Mastercolour (Tunbridge Wells) have appointed Countrystyle to recycle a variety of waste materials from their premises, including all grades of paper, cardboard, plastic and wood. Countrystyle is providing dedicated recycling containers and compactors to each company to make the collection and recycling process as efficient and simple as possible.

Headley Brothers, Pureprint Group and Mastercolour each operate environmentally sustainable printing businesses that aim to reduce the environmental impact of printing. The role of Countrystyle, in providing efficient collection services and sourcing end-destination recycling solutions, is critical to promoting each company’s ‘green credentials’.

Paper Recycling service
Paper Recycling