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New Guidance for Upholstered Domestic Seating

The Environment Agency (EA) has introduced new POPS guidance to ensure that upholstered furniture and soft furnishings are not sent to landfill. Instead, it is to be disposed by creating energy from waste and only via waste operators that have the systems and infrastructure in place to comply with this guidance.

The use of fire-retardant chemicals in the manufacture of sofas, chairs, cushions and upholstered seating prior to 2019, can result in the discharge of what are called “Persistent Organic Pollutants” (POPs) when these are disposed of or if they become worn, damaged and/or in need of replacement.

Read the full legislation here.

What items contain POPs?

The below items are examples of domestic seating used in homes and businesses, deemed to contain POPs.


-Sofa Beds


-Kitchen and Dining Room Chairs

-Stools and Foot Stools

-Office Chairs

-Bean Bags


What items do not contain POPs?

The below items are examples of domestic seating that do not contain POPs.

-Wooden or Metal Chairs without cushioned or textile backs seats or arms





-Beds (except sofa beds)

How to dispose of POPs waste?

POPs waste cannot be disposed of in landfill, it must be incinerated or used as fuel. Additionally, POPs waste cannot be mixed with non-POPs waste, in a load that contains POPs materials, the whole consignment must be treated as POPs and incinerated.

What is Countrystyle doing to help?

Countrystyle is compliant with the EA guidance on POPs and is able to help you dispose of any pre-2019 upholstered seating.

For more information about POPs waste, call us today on 0334 880 7700 or send us an email to