The Brief

The client had encountered an incidence of illegal dumping, also known as fly tipping, at their Wainscott site. This fly tip had persisted for nearly two years, and the total volume of the material was unknown due to its compaction through machinery into a storm drain.

The Challenge

Accessing the Wainscott site was restricted.

The site was situated on a busy dual carriageway, where road closures could only be implemented overnight being a main road with heavy traffic during the day. Due to the nature of the waste dumped at the site, there was a number of contaminated materials which had to be safely disposed of.

Our Role

Alongside our sister company FGS Industrial Facilities Management, we were able to provide a comprehensive service to our client.

We planned and managed the road closure, providing security to ensure no further material was tipped. We disposed of hazardous materials safely and compliantly. We removed and disposed 1200 tonnes of material from the site. The entire job took a total of 9 days to finish, including the final litter pick and removal of welfare and machinery.

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