The Brief

Our client was experiencing airflow issues within their waste to energy plant due to a large dust build up within the working area.

Sufficient airflow is required to ensure the temperature levels are optimised, in turn, improving the efficiency of the plant.

The Challenge

Removal of dust build up on the plant floor had not been completed for 6 months prior to FGS Industrial’s involvement.

Large amounts of material was required to be removed without causing airborne contamination.

Our Role

A team of our industrial cleaners were sent to the plant to remove the dust build up.

The team swept the material and prepared it for safe disposal by placing it into bags. All operators worked seamlessly within the operation, ensuring zero downtime of plant operations. FGS Industrial staff now clean the site daily, including regular cleaning of the filters to further improve airflow.

The site before our intervention, showcasing the airflow issue.

The site after our intervention.

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