Show us your green skills and enter the chance to win a gardening kit for your class!

The competition is designed to teach commitment to the full growth cycle of a plant from seed to new seeds and to learn to appreciate the power of compost and nature. Sumbit your entry by the 15/07/2024

Each child will get a 16oz pot containing a closed bag of compost and a small envelope of Tall Sunflower seeds to plant. The pot has instructions on the back showing the children how to plant the seeds and when to move the seedling outside or to a bigger pot in order for the roots of the sunflower to fully develop. They can grow the sunflower at home or at school.

To enter the chance to win, each child should ask for the help of an adult and take a photo of their tallest sunflower with a measuring tape next to it and a sheet with the full height written on it. Fill the form below and upload your photo by the 15/07/2024 and we will announce the winner by the 19/07/2024!

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