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The managing director of Countrystyle Recycling tells RWW about the South-East-based resource management specialist’s activities and its partnership with Cross Wrap, which supplies the business with automatic wrapping systems for its 120,000-tonne refuse-derived fuel operation

Managing a business is like being the head of a family. To guarantee a secure future, you have to nurture it, instil values for the communal good of everyone concerned and, as a proud parent, you are, of course, allowed to brag about it.
Chris Howard, MD of independent South-East-based resource management specialist Countrystyle Recycling, reels off a few facts and figures about the company he has led since 2012.

“We have a turnover of £45m and employ around 250 people. Our logistics division oversees waste collection and bulk haulage, which includes 200,000 tonnes of waste wood, about 45,000 tonnes of waste plasterboard, 150,000 tonnes of green and food waste as well as 120,000 tonnes of refuse-derived fuel (RDF).”

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Countrystyle exports RDF Baled material to Europe for production of heat and energy