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Countrystyle Recycling has added another contract to its portfolio of dry mixed recyclable services by winning a four year contract with Tonbridge & Malling Borough Council in Kent.

As of this month (May 2014), Countrystyle is collecting plastics bottles from public ‘Plastic Bottle Bring Banks’ located at 10 sites across the borough.

Using Countrystyle’s own state-of-the-art fleet of vehicles, the material is taken from the borough to their Ridham depot in Kent where the plastic is baled prior to being sent on to specialist recyclers  such as Closed Loop’s Dagenham plastic bottle reprocessing operation, ultimately being processed into food grade plastic dependent on quality.

Countrystyle’s Managing Director, Chris Howard comments,

“Our aim is to support Kent’s local authorities and businesses by providing services that are reliable, flexible, cost effective and most importantly, locally available right here in Kent. This is what our existing customers tell us is important to them.”

Countrystyle provide specialist bins for the collection of plastics from local residents in Tonbridge & Malling

Chris explains

“Working within a circular resource economy, Countrystyle sees it from both angles. We collect dry mixed recyclables quickly and efficiently from customers with waste across Kent and further afield; we sort, process and convert waste into new end products and quality raw materials; and finally, we deliver our tailored products to reprocessors and end users. Making sure our haulage fleet and our facilities have a low carbon footprint is a key part of our plan as is aligning our network of facilities to ensure route optimisation.”

Countrystyle has provided specialist containers (as pictured) and aims to collect over 300 tonnes of the public’s plastic bottles each year for onward reprocessing.

Tonbridge and Malling’s plastic bring banks take a wide range of plastic from fizzy drinks bottles, milk bottles, washing up liquid bottles and bathroom product containers such as shampoo and bubble bath bottles.