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Countrystyle has provided staff to crew 5 dustcarts to help The London Borough of Bexley ensure that its residents can now get their recycling and rubbish collected on time.

Collections had been delayed due to a shortage of staff as a result of the Coronavirus pandemic. Bexley called on Countrystyle to help, because it operates the Council’s reuse & recycling centres and waste transfer station. In response, last week 5 dustcart crews each made up of 3 Countrystyle staff, started collecting household waste across the Borough using Serco dustcarts.

James Broome, one of the Countrystyle volunteer drivers, said: “When we arrived to collect bins on our first round some residents came out of their houses to clap and cheer us because they had not had a collection for some time”.

Michael Davies, Countrystyle’s Head of Regional Operations, who oversees our work with Bexley said: “We have a close working relationship with the Council and when their waste team approached us to help them with household waste collections, we were delighted and proud to be able to provide enough volunteers to crew 5 dustcarts.”

Michael added: “In what are very difficult times, we are delighted by the attitude and commitment of our staff and their willingness to redeploy from their normal driving and operational roles to deliver what is a vitally important key worker role.”