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As part of Recycling Week 2019, Countrystyle was excited to open its doors to Martin, a resident with the Kent Autistic Trust who had a passion for Dustcarts.

During the afternoon, Martin was invited to Countrystyle’s Recycling hub at Ridham dock and see first-hand one of Countrystyle’s iconic green dustcarts that regularly make its rounds near his home. Under supervision from the Head of Trade, Frank Gardner, Martin got to operate the dustcart, load the bin, tip and release. He was also able to ride in the cab around the site and learn the controls from the inside.

Speaking on the day, Head of Trade Frank Gardner said: “it’s great to see such enthusiasm for the industry and our vehicles. It has been an absolute delight to have Martin on-site with us today and it was genuinely heart-warming to talk trade and show someone the ropes around the vehicle”.

Having a great day, Martin left Ridham with a smile on his face, and a miniature dustcart to commemorate the day.