The Client

Bexley is the leading London borough for recycling and in 2018 was re-awarded this position for the 13th successive year.

In 2018 Countrystyle was awarded a five-year contract, valued at circa £1.7 million per year, for the complete on-site management of Bexley’s 2 x Reuse and Recycling Centres (RRC) and the Waste Transfer Station (WTS) at Thames Road.

As a strategic part of Bexley’s waste collection infrastructure, the Thames Road WTS accepts a wide range of materials from household kerbside collections, street cleansing and local trade and business.

Key Facts

  • Bexley is the leading London borough for recycling over the last 13 years
  • Countrystyle manages 2 x RRCs at Footscray and Thames Road (which includes a Waste Transfer Station)
  • Bexley Council wanted to see an enhanced customer service offering and improvement in the RRC/WTS infrastructure

The Challenge

Both the Footscray and Thames Road sites are integral in enabling the public to recycle a variety of waste streams including paper and cardboard, wood, green waste, hardcore, electrical goods and bulky waste (such as mattresses).

Bexley Council specified that the new RRC/WTS operator should increase operational efficiency of both sites, enhance the customer experience at the RRCs and increase revenues from commercial use of the Thames Road WTS, thereby reducing the burden on local taxpayers.

Our Role

Countrystyle immediately implemented new initiatives to drive segregation, increase rebates, lower costs and educate the public about recycling and reuse.

Staffing on site was also increased to help deliver improved customer services. Countrystyle introduced new measures and initiatives to upskill staff and to incentivise them through targeted increased reuse capabilities and recycling rates for streams such as nonferrous metals and bric-à-brac.

New collateral, waste outlets and signage were developed to help segregate at source and reduce waste stream contamination in a unique joint marketing exercise with the Borough.

This established the best value treatment routes for a variety of waste streams including wood, construction waste, carpet, plastics and plasterboard. Sourcing retail and charitable outlets for items such as bric-à-brac, improving salvaging operations and controlling materials for reuse have created additional revenues for the Borough.

“Bexley has an outstanding recycling record and has had the highest recycling rate in London for 13 years. We are always looking for new and innovative ways to increase our recycling rates and I am sure Countrystyle will help us continue to do this.”


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