The Client

A privately owned British company, Bennett Opies Ltd, has been at the forefront of the pickling production industry for over a century. Its factory is based in Sittingbourne, Kent and has an annual turnover of £43 million. (2022)

Countrystyle Recycling has been working in partnership with Bennett Opies Ltd since 2010. Initially providing Opies’ with an integrated waste stream collection service for general, wood, cardboard wood waste. Countrystyle also offers waste processing at their facility site in Ridham, adding the benefit of cutting down waste miles and the assurance that the waste collected is fully recycled. By developing a collaborative working relationship, Countrystyle has assisted Opies improve their recycling rates, develop environmental commercial waste management best practices, and put in place cost saving efficiencies. One of Countrystyle’s core values is to promote the circular, low carbon economy and work with customers to help them become more resource-efficient, more sustainable, and save money.

The Challenge

Bennett Opies is an environmentally conscious company that cares about the impact of waste on the environment.

In line with its sustainability targets, Opies wanted to divert 100% of its waste from landfill, reduce CO2 emissions and maintain cost effectiveness.

The Solution

The primary objective for Bennett Opies is to deliver higher recycling rates and achieve a zero waste-to-landfill target. Countrystyle introduced several initiatives by offering a one-stop-solution that helped Bennett Opies achieve a more streamlined and cost-effective waste management strategy.

This now includes a range of services covering general waste, bulk waste, cardboard recycling, and wood waste. By introducing waste stream segregation, Bennett Opies, has not only saved money but also generates revenue from their cardboard recycling.

By using management data and analysis collated from a waste audit, Countrystyle has been able to offer further options to increase recycling, reduce costs, and lower CO2 emissions. This has also included the recent installation of an onsite portable compactor. Countrystyle identified an effective solution to the existing compactor on Opies’ site, which was unable to retain liquids, this ended up contaminating the ground with acidic liquids, which corroded the floor. By installing a portable waste compactor for general waste, it not only delivered the answer to the acidic run-off, but also provided the business with a drain off system. This has resulted in the acidic liquids being emptied into an effluent tank, which has reduced collections and disposal costs.

Value Delivered

Countrystyle provides Bennett Opies with an all-inclusive solution to help deliver a consistent service for its waste management requirements.

Working with Bennett Opies is an example of how support our customers take the lead, achieve the zero-waste target, and demonstrates how we can cut emissions to mitigate climate change and preserve precious resources for future generations.

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