Things to consider when hiring a skip

Below are things that we do need you to be aware of when having a skip placed on your property.

  1. Is your drive suitable to take the weight of a skip lorry? Please bear in mind that the weight of the lorry together with a full skip could weigh up to 18 tonnes.
  2. Do you have any overhead cables or overhanging tree branches that we need to be made aware of?
  3. Do you have any access restrictions?
  4. Do you share a drive with your neighbour?
  5. Do you have any manhole covers on your property that need protecting? Please note that it is your responsibility to protect any manhole covers. We cannot be held responsible for any damage that could be caused to the manhole cover by our lorry driving over it.
  6. Once a skip has been located on your property please do not move the skip as this could also cause problems when the skip is ready for collection.
  7. If a skip is overfilled and heavy, please bear in mind that when we collect the skip this could cause problems and could cause damage. It is illegal for us to transport an overweight skip.
  8. Finally, please bear in mind weather conditions, it is not advisable to have a skip on a tarmac drive during a hot summer. Likewise after heavy rains you should also protect a block paved drive.

It is your responsibility to protect your drive and inform us when booking a skip of any issues.


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