Recycling solutions for wood, cardboard, plastic, dry mixed recycables

The Client

Founded in 1991, FloPlast has established itself as a leading manufacturer and supplier of plastic building and plumbing systems in the UK.

The company specialises in roofline products with an extensive range of rainwater systems and PVC-UE cellular foam fascia, soffit & cladding systems to provide maintenance free solutions to both domestic and commercial buildings.

In addition, the Company has an extensive range of waste, soil and underground drainage systems, which it supplies to builders and plumbers merchants and DIY outlets.

Recycling services, wood recycling, cardboard recycling

Key Facts

  • Countrystyle and FloPlast began working together in 2008
  • FloPlast were awarded the Carbon Trust Standard in 2010
  • In 2009 FloPlast successfully achieved the full environmental accreditation to BS ISO 14001:2004
  • Recycling rates quickly improved and are currently at 98%

The Solution

Due to the nature of the business, there was a significant volume of packaging waste generated by FloPlast. By incorporating a baling press, the cardboard and plastic waste can be collected and baled on site. These are then stored until there are sufficient volumes of material, which are then collected by Countrystyle’s own fleet. Through implementing a minimisation programme and reducing collections, Floplast’s haulage bill has been reduced along with the environmental impact by transportation.

The issue of packaging waste has also been reduced by materials that were previously delivered in bags or boxes now being delivered in tankers. Countrystyle also implemented a segregation system to ensure certain waste materials such as wood, metal and mixed recyclables could be separated from general waste for onward recycling. Hazardous waste including oily rags, filters from the on-site spray shop, paint cans and paint residue are now also segregated from the general waste and collected by Countrystyle to be taken for onward treatment.


Initially, a basic recycling collection service was provided for FloPlast but following the achievement of the Quality Management system BS EN ISO 9001: 2008 FloPlast decided to greatly increase its landfill diversion rates to achieve an environmental management system ISO 14001: 2004. This award would demonstrate FloPlast’s environmental credentials to current and potential customers. Countrystyle were able to offer FloPlast a complete solution to the recycling of the various difficult waste streams in a bid to meet their objectives.

“Countrystyle have been working with FloPlast since 2008 and are the primary reason why we have been able to develop new waste streams and methodologies.

Countrystyle have helped us to attain in excess of 98% landfill diversion, they have also been an instrumental partner in ensuring that FloPlast are up to speed with all current innovations and regulations. This relates to both waste management and continual support in reviewing their services to us whilst ensuring waste is dealt with in an efficient and cost effective manner.”

Neil Harrison, QUESH Manager, FloPlast