Countrystyle’s Schools Initiative

Countrystyle’s Schools Initiative Programme aims to educate primary school pupils on the 3 R’s – Reduce, Re-use and Recycle. The initiative closely follows Countrystyle’s strong ethos of landfill avoidance. Representatives from Countrystyle attend primary schools for educational assemblies and a classroom session(s) throughout the academic year. Each session is tailored to the schools existing environmental and recycling policies (if applicable).

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Organise A Community Litter Pick

Organise A Community Litter Pick

If you would like more information on organising a litter pick in your community, please download our handy “How To” guide.

Designed for Primary Schools

Assembly sessions are approximately 20 minutes long and are used as an informative platform to explain the benefits of recycling. The assembly involves several practical sessions, and an educational video, produced by a local Kent Secondary School.

Countrystyle mentored Maplesden Noakes 6th Form students in their 2016 Business Challenge, students produced an educational video, teachers pack and reward stickers. These aid Countrystyle to engage with pupils and reinforce the 3 R’s message, the packs are hugely popular with the younger pupils.

Classroom sessions range from 45 minutes to an hour, these sessions offer an in-depth practical session challenging the pupil’s knowledge on what materials can be recycled such as ‘Think before you throw’ – placing waste in the correct designated bins and how to recycle them as well as wider environmental issues. All material is provided by Countrystyle for the classroom sessions, including giveaways and reward stickers.

Key Facts

Countrystyle’s Schools Initiative Programme aims to educate primary school pupils in Kent on the 3 R’s – Reduce, Re-use and Recycle

Countrystyle has partnered with organisations including MCG Education and Kent Cricket Community team to deliver the 3 R’s (+1 Respect) across Kent

Our objective is to teach primary school pupils the benefits of recycling and most importantly how they can recycle at home. The schools initiative is our way of connecting with these pupils, making the teaching process informative but fun. We strongly believe in the 3R’s at Countrystyle. We are proud to work with Kent schools and are pleased that the pupils take their newfound knowledge home to share with their family but most importantly put it into practice.

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