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Last week, through a kind invitation, FGS & Countrystyle staff where given a rare opportunity to visit the Big Cat Sanctuary to thank them for their support.

Located at Headcorn Road, Smarden, Kent, The Big Cat Sanctuary is set in 32 acres of grass land; the perfect environment for successful breeding. Entirely run by donations and support, The Sanctuary participates in the European Endangered Species Breeding Programme, and limits access to the public to minimise the disruption to the cats. The site holds over 50 breeds, including: African lions, White lions, Amur leopards, North Chinese leopards, Snow leopards, different Tiger breeds, Cheetah, Lynx, Fishing cats, Jaguars, Pallas cats, Pumas, Rusty Spotted cats, Jungle cats and Servals.

For more information on the Sanctuary, or to donate to the brilliant cause, head to