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Countrystyle signs to a high tier of Waste

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September 21, 2020
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October 16, 2020
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Countrystyle signs to a high tier of Waste

In a historic event, Countrystyle Recycling proudly delivered the first load of Waste to Energy from Waste Facility, Wheelabrator Kemsley Mill.

After the successful burn which commenced in March 2020, the site is now fully operational and Countrystyle has been contracted to a high tier of waste for non-recyclable materials.

As a local waste management solution for Kent businesses, the partnership is a welcomed addition to Countrystyle whose core ethos is landfill avoidance. With the opportunity to offer a truly circular economy option, local businesses who provide waste for Countrystyle can be assured that its collections will be tipped into a Kent facility, processed into energy or Refused Derived Fuel and potentially powering their businesses for the future.

Currently, the combined heat and power facility generates up to 49.9MW of electricity for Kent and the South East. It also provides up to 70 tonnes per hour of steam heat to DS Smith’s adjacent Kemsley Paper Mill, of which Countrystyle also hold strategic recycling partnerships.

According to The Environment Agency, the facility will process up to 657,000 tonnes of waste per year across two lines, including treated municipal waste, treated commercial and industrial waste, shredded recovered fuel (SRF) and waste from the adjacent paper mill.