Independent VetCare

Countrystyle provides recycling service for Independent Vetcare across the UK

The Client

Independent Vetcare was established in September 2011, and now have over 160 practices around the UK.
Independent Vetcare are a group of leading veterinary practices who have come together to pool resources, skills and knowledge. They are run by and for vets, so clinical excellence drives the business. Pet and client needs always come first because every practice in the group is run by its local veterinary team.

Independent VetCare and Countrystyle working together on recycling at Vet sites across the UK

The Challenge

Independent Vetcare were looking to work with a single resource management company that would be able to manage the on-site requirements of over 73 veterinary practices across the UK. Their goal was to be able to offer each practice the ability to tailor the service at their own sites whilst streamlining invoicing systems and having a single point of contact for all enquiries.

Key Facts

  • Countrystyle and Independent Vetcare having been working together since early 2013
  • Countrystyle provide resource management and recycling services for 73 sites across the UK

Our Role

In 2013, Countrystyle Recycling began working with Independent Vetcare, using their knowledge and experience gained from working with The Camping and Caravanning Club’s 95 sites across the UK, Scotland and Northern Ireland, Countrystyle are able to offer Independent Vetcare an innovative solution, for the collection of general, dry mixed recyclables and card / paper waste at 73 sites nationwide.
Each site operates separately and as such requires a tailored service for their on-site waste. Countrystyle’s own fleet collect from the veterinary practices in the South East and work closely with likeminded sub-contractors to arrange collections from the other sites across the UK.
Countrystyle manages the relationships with all sub-contractors and is able to offer Independent Vetcare a single invoice and point of contact for all enquiries.

“We are pleased to be working with Countrystyle Recycling. They have been able to offer us an excellent service for all our vet practices throughout the UK. They understand the individual needs of each practice and are able to manage everything centrally for us”                                                                                                                    Greg Jessop, Commercial and Acquisitions Support Officer